VR arena

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VR arena

Duration: ~15 ‐180 min.
Repertoire: 35 games
Price: 9 ‐ 42 Eur

Want to experience something new? Interested in the latest technologies? Like sharp sensations?

VR Arena is a room-scale gaming environment supported by HTC Vive virtual reality helmets. This technology gives players the opportunity to experience the best virtual reality effect by immersing themselves in the game like never before. VR Arena has many great benefits, such as: multiple senses, high-quality graphics, dynamic and attractive content.

A person can play multiple games in a single session. We offer a large selection of games and experiences for our guests (see repertoire).

The range includes: shooters, logic games, fun and active reaction games, simulators, extreme experiences, exploration games and others. No matter what virtual world you choose, you will have complete control over the action. In VR ARENA, everyone will be able to discover the most suitable game for themselves.

* It is recommended to visit VR Arena from 7 years old.