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Virtual Reality

Duration: ~2.20 ‐4 min.
Repertoire: 16 movies
Price:  7 Eur

VIRTUAL REALITY – the most advanced technology in making completely new view, movement, space perception experiences, which combines various world-known products of an entertainment into the one product. It’s not 5D, not 7D and not even other similar XD technologies – it’s completely NEW POSSIBILITIES IN SUPPLEMENTED SPACE. Lenses of VIRTUAL REALITY helmet/headset OCULUS creates stereoscopic view, through which You look around/see in 360° (sides, down, up, back, full view, created reality). There is very responsive sensors of movement  installed into the helmet, which detects even most tiny movements of a head and by that changes the view/surrounding that You see. The sensors of movements are quite delicate, so it makes an impression that You see real three dimensional world. To achieve the strongest effect of virtual reality, there is installed special sound system and other additional accessories for controlling.


VIRTUAL REALITY – NEW BRAIN GYM! With the help of VIRTUAL REALITY, You can not only get entertained, but also to study, work, race, forget Your phobias, play, compete, draw, construct and etc. In other words – the view becomes reality and You are left alone with the space You see, where You are the main character.