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7D Cool Guns

Duration: ~ 6 min.
Repertoire: 8 movies
Price: 4,5  Eur

7D INTERACTIVE COOL GUNS – not only a cinema, but also interactive shooting/game, which result/ending depends on YOU! What should You expect from 7D shooting? 7D INTERACTIVE COOL GUNS – hybrid of a 5D CINEMA and shooting, so there are included all special effects from a 5D CINEMA, – huge screen, smoke, thunder, wind, water and that  –  is not all! You will be sitting not on a regular chair, but You will ride funny horses as a real cow-boys. What about an arsenal of guns? We promise You – there will be a lot of guns. So, You will be shooting, receiving points and competing with Your friends! At the end of a session You will see Yours and Your friends/rivals results on a screen, which You will be able to compare with other clients, who has visited 7D INTERACTIVE COOL GUNS.


Full of excitement and funny entertainment, suitable for both children and adults (recommended from 7 years old). Great idea for Birthday, bachelor party, thematic evening and etc. In one session there can be up to 4 players. Great mood, thrilling feelings and positive emotions are guaranteed!


Proove Yourself and Your friends that You are the winner!