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5D Cinema

Duration: ~3.30 ‐8 min.
Repertoire: 35 movies.
Price: 6 Eur

5D CINEMA – it is a 3D (three dimension) view, which is accompanied by special effects, such as: smoke, thunder, wind and water (imitation of a rain), also “rat’’ effect (additional movement in the legs zone) and maneuvering, synchronal platform, which fully moves with the view (moving floor), special sound system and etc. Professional 3D glasses gives You maximum feeling of reality during the movie, the view becomes alive and You become the main character.


5D cinema – different movie showing/watching technology/tradition, so we call 5D CINEMA by the name of an “attraction”, which helps not only funny and safe ride on a rollercoaster, but also lets You to dive into unforgettable oasis of an adventure and feelings, to experience flying and free-falling, to empathize  various extreme situations, to meet fantastic creatures of an Earth and other planets, to look to Your biggest fears into the eyes. So, we can surely say, that 5D CINEMA – TRUE ADRENALINE!


In our assortment we have: adventure, fantastic, horror, funny rollercoaster, extreme, racing, thrillers, family movies, so we are waiting for clients of various ages (recommended from 5 years old). One session lasts from 3.30 min. to 8.00 min., we can accept from 1 to 4 clients in one session. There is no timing. You come, pick a movie, wait for Your queue and go to watch!


Perfect entertainment for everyone – children and adults.